Arturo Herrero

¡Hola! I’m Arturo.

I’m a software engineer, manager & designer based in London. I work at GitLab.

Software is my craft. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with remarkable people building systems at scale and leading technical teams.


I publish articles / notes from time to time, which you will find under the blog section. This is my particular commonplace book, you can filter by English or Spanish entries.


I’m continually learning and working on personal projects.

Life Streaming

I’m @ArturoHerrero on Twitter.


Reading is one of my passions, and I keep a list of the books I read.


Another passion is cinema. These are my favorite movies and directors.


I wrote a book about Markdown, published by Packt Publishing: Instant Markdown.


Occasionally, I speak at conferences. You will find more information on my talks page.


Want to get in touch? Email me at