Arturo Herrero

The Long Road

I believe that continuous learning is a core skill everyone should have.

A few days ago I finished reading an amazing book: Apprenticeship Patterns.

Apprenticeships Patterns features a catalog of patterns that allow us to improve as developers and focuses on the software craftsmanship philosophy.

Software Craftsmanship

The patterns are divided into different sections:

  1. Introduction: explains what software craftsmanship is.

  2. Emptying the cup: starts with a little story of a Zen master, keep an open mind and face our ignorance.

  3. Walking the long road: centers on thinking long term, deciding which way you want to go and staying motivated.

  4. Accurate self-assessment: looks at how being the worst in a team can be a good thing, interacting with other developers and finding mentors.

  5. Perpetual learning: gives very specific tips on constantly learning and staying updated.

  6. Construct your curriculum: discusses why you have to read continuously and become expert.

February 24, 2011 | @ArturoHerrero