Arturo Herrero

Pyramids vs Cathedrals

In many ways, the medieval cathedrals embody what is best about the human spirit. They were the first man-made structures to go higher than the pyramids, and this fact alone says a lot about the difference between the Ancient, Pagan world and the Christian world. A pyramid is a fat structure with a heavy base, while a cathedral soars towards the sky. A society that builds pyramids is a society based on slave labor: building a pyramid is pretty much about using as much raw muscle strength as possible to take many rocks from point A and pile them up on point B. Meanwhile, a society that builds a cathedral is replete with scientists, mathematicians, engineers, craftsmen, artists… A pyramid is a monument dedicated to death–it is a tomb. A cathedral is a monument dedicated to the triumph over death.

Peter Thiel and the Cathedral, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry.

August 14, 2019 | @ArturoHerrero