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iShows Server

About 10 years ago, I got involved in a very interesting project: iShows. Now that the project is over, I would like to pay a small tribute to it.

At that time, a server was needed to provide images with specific sizes to an iOS mobile application. This started as a side project, but ended up serving over a billion images. Billion! One thousand million. 1,000,000,000.

Basically, the server was a man-in-the-middle. The mobile application requested an image to the server, the server forwarded the request to TheTVDB, got the image, resized or cropped it, cached the final image, and served it to the mobile device.

Along the way, I solved many problems, and I always tried to stick to the Minimal Viable Change (MVC)—the smallest possible solution that offers value to the users. Examples:

  • I switched the server to DigitalOcean to save money.
  • Caching images requires a lot of disk space, so a cron job deleted images that had not been accessed for 30 days.
  • Working on a directory with 362444 files was hard. You get errors for normal operations: /bin/rm: cannot execute [Argument list too long].
  • A Docker image was the way to go, but a snapshot of the server was enough.
  • Sometimes images that gave errors were requested, but a simple text file was enough to filter out the bad URLs.

We were lucky with the server and, despite receiving constant authentication attempts, there were no major problems. Our uptime was practically the same as the DigitalOcean or TheTVDB uptime. I suspect that a simple command line one-liner Denial-of-Service attack from any laptop would have given us a lot of headaches, but that was an MVC that I did not have to solve.

The project is open source arturoherrero/ishows. Here are the glorious ~50 lines of code that have served a thousand million images.

require "logger"
require "mini_magick"
require "sinatra/base"

IMAGES_PATH = "images/"
BAD_URLS_FILE = "tmp/bad-urls.txt"

class Server < Sinatra::Base
  # Resize an image for a given URL
  # http://localhost:3000/width/X/url
  get "/width/:value/*/?" do |value, url|
    process_image(value, url) do |image|
      resize(image, value)

  # Resize and crop an image for a given URL
  # http://localhost:3000/crop/XxY/url
  get "/crop/:dimensions/*/?" do |dimensions, url|
    process_image(dimensions, url) do |image|
      resize(image, "#{dimensions}^")
      crop(image, dimensions)


  def process_image(dimensions, url)
    # WORKAROUND: Sinatra match the route parameter
    # with only one slash http:/
    url[":/"] = "://"

    unless File.foreach(BAD_URLS_FILE).any? { |line| line.include?(url) }
      unless File.exist?(filename)
        image =

      send_file(filename, type: "image/jpeg", disposition: "inline")
  rescue StandardError

  def filename
    @filename ||= "#{IMAGES_PATH}#{Digest::SHA1.hexdigest(request.path)}"

  def resize(image, dimensions)

  def crop(image, dimensions)

October 02, 2022 | @ArturoHerrero